We started from the bottom of the market too!

Established in 2016 by founders Jason Ooi and Nicole Lai.

We started in the industry as a graphic design firm specializing in printing and branding. Knowing the direction of technological advancements, we penetrated the web development industry and helped countless SME’s evolve online. With the growing demand for digital marketing, we again evolved into a fully-fledged digital marketing agency. We now provide opportunities for businesses & corporations to integrate their marketing efforts through humanizing digital experiences and essentially increasing their sales.

"Your personal core values define who you are."

Tony Hsieh

– Internet Entrepreneur, Co-founder of LinkExchange

Our Vision

One stop advertising solution, to get you stand out online and off.


Provide omnibus advertising service, and become one of the leading marketing agency in Malaysia.

Our Mission

Provide the best customer results possible and deliver the WOW factor through our services.


We make the best use of professional knowledges & skills to help all SME's in Malaysia to reach their marketing goals & achieve online success.

Our Core Values

Our passion for our core purpose gives us courage to reach beyond our comfort zone to try innovative and unconventional ideas.


We are highly creative and always striving to connect new ideas with business realities.

Customer Success

We increase sustainable proven profitability for both our clients and the company.

Professional Growth

We gain and improve new skills & work experience that can help us grow and reach our goals.

Customer Satisfaction

We satisfy our clients with innovative ideas and superior quality, value and services.


Responsibility drives business results. We are personally responsible for our actions, outcomes and reputation.


We maintain a healthy work-life balance which can improve our productivity and creativity.


Respect is an essential component. We value everyone and treat people with dignity and professionalism.


Positive thinking and focusing on the bright side of life will lead us to achieving positive results.

“Success seems to
be connected
with action.”

Creativity Ignites Collaboration

A team of young, passionate, tech-savvy individuals

We are constantly finding out for “talent” with great potential as a main protagonist to join our growing agency. Whether you’re a fresh graduate or someone with more of experience, we are an ambitious team of creative and enthusiastic individuals fit for the digital space. As pioneers in the digital world and marketing, fresh with new crazy ideas and impact our client’s businesses delivering top-performing results on every project we touch.

We are currently open for new projects.

Have an idea? Let's talk!

Our Toolkits

Here are some toolkits that we use to empower your platform.
JNDesign Marketing Sdn Bhd Partner with WordPress
JNDesign Marketing Sdn Bhd Partner with Woocommerce

We design all in one tech solution for the complex needs of the capital management industry.