Pearl White

VISIT LIVE Project Overview 01 Pearl White – a dedicated website that specializes in offering natural and eco-friendly fertilizers made from organic sources like fruits and palm. With a focus on sustainability and the health of plants, Pearl White provides a range of high-quality fertilizers that nourish the soil and promote healthy growth for a […]

Sparq Coffee

VISIT LIVE Project Overview 01 Sparq Coffee – a modern cafe that offers a wide range of beverages, including classic options such as Americano and Latte, as well as a selection of sweet and savory treats like sliced cakes, muffins, and egg tarts.  Color palette 02 Raisin Black #231F20 Gargoyle Gas #FAD84B Typography 03 Montserrat […]

Roses n’ Red

VISIT LIVE Project Overview 01 Roses N’ Red – a unique and creative business that offers personalized roses. In addition to their exclusive roses, they provide various services such as car surprise decoration, custom bouquet, and helium balloons for special occasions. Color palette 02 Liver #5A4221 Dark Bronze #794E00 Typography 03 Century-Gothic A B C […]


VISIT LIVE Project Overview 01 Merce – they sells product is a specially formulated additive designed to enhance the effectiveness and absorption of medications and dietary supplements, allowing users to get the maximum benefits from their health regimen. Color palette 02 Old Burgundy #44322F Tiger’s Eye #DA9536 Typography 03 Inter A B C D E […]

Tou Global X Yelo

VISIT LIVE Project Overview 01 Tou Global – a brand that offers a range of detoxification and whitening products that help users achieve a healthier, more radiant appearance. Their product line includes supplements, teas, and other natural remedies that help cleanse the body of toxins while promoting a brighter, more even skin tone. With Tou […]

Era Wellness

VISIT LIVE Project Overview 01 Era Wellness – they offer a range of services, including tuina, reflexology, and lymphatic massage, to help clients improve their overall well-being and achieve a sense of relaxation. Color palette 02 Dark Goldenrod #B48513 Black #000000 Typography 03 Cormorant Upright A B C D E F G H I J […]


VISIT LIVE Project Overview 01 Daelife – a brand that offers a variety of healthcare products designed to improve the overall well-being of its customers. Their product range includes supplements, vitamins, and other health-related products that are specially formulated to address specific health concerns. Color palette 02 Middle Green #4A8E57 Pastel Green #77DD76 Typography 03 […]

Mossarium Concept

VISIT LIVE Project Overview 01 Mossarium Concept – a retail store that specializes in selling moss and moss-related products. The shop offers a wide range of live moss species, moss terrariums, and other moss-related accessories such as miniature figurines and decorative items. Color palette 02 DarkGreen #073a0d SeaGreen #436f57 Typography 03 Century-Gothic A B C […]

Yu Quan Cha

VISIT LIVE Project Overview 01 YuQuan – Handcrafted Tea Bar is a taiwanese concept Tea Bar established in Southern Part of Malaysia. At YuQuan , you could enjoy the premium tea base which directly import from Taiwan and China. We select the premium tea base to ensure the taste of our beverage is always good […]

Mode Studio

VISIT LIVE Project Overview 01 MODE Studio, a hair salon that founded in Singapore. Mode Studio will provided a excellent customer services to fulfill their request. Build confidence and reveal persona will make a good impression. Glamorous, collaborative, teamwork and passionate is what we looking for to enable customer feel valued. Color palette 02 Tarnished […]