Yu Quan Cha

VISIT LIVE Project Overview 01 YuQuan – Handcrafted Tea Bar is a taiwanese concept Tea Bar established in Southern Part of Malaysia. At YuQuan , you could enjoy the premium tea base which directly import from Taiwan and China. We select the premium tea base to ensure the taste of our beverage is always good […]


VISIT LIVE Project Overview 01 DMES, a rising technology accessories supplier that originates from Malaysia. DMES is one of the innovative electronic brand which will bring happiness, convenience and desirable lifestyle. Affordability isn’t the key value of our product. Quality and durability is what we work together to enable everyone, from ordinary to gamers to […]

Ann Seng Motor

VISIT LIVE Project Overview 01 At Ann Seng Motor, we pride ourselves to be a one stop provider for your motorcycle needs. Ann Seng Motor, incorporated in 2002 is an established quality brand name in the Motorcycle Industry. With over many years of experience in the industry, Ann Seng Motor has established itself as one […]

Fatmama Bakery

VISIT LIVE Project Overview 01 FATMAMA Bakery established in 2015, Fat Mama Bakery is founded by 4 sisters to make their beloved mum’s wish come true. These 4 sisters kept making fun of their mother for her chubby size by calling her Fat Mama, hence the origin of the name. As Fat Mama insists on […]


VISIT LIVE Project Overview 01 Octo Group is founded to make a change, to encourage a greener lifestyle, and to promote practices that are more eco-friendly. We have three core business – OCTO Holdings & Helios Green Tech and OCTO Farm Solutions. Trusted and relied upon by major plantations and farmers in the region to […]